Mia Khalifa poses with her husband using tiny lingerie


Mia Khalifa poses next to her husband wearing tiny lingerie(Instagram)

Mia Khalifa poses with her husband using tiny lingerie | Instagram

Even today one of the actresses of the cinema for adults most sought after on the Internet is Mia Khalifa who now appears in a photo alongside her husband Robert Sandberg wearing lingerie tiny to accent their attributes.

Born in Beirut immigrated to the United States in the year 2000, Khalifa was born on February 10, 1993, currently has 27 years of age and is married to chef Robert Sandberg.

Being a great example of overcoming Khalifa is now a great entrepreneur model and commentator from sports because he managed to get out of this industry and start from scratch.

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It should be noted that his name not be known as it is today, thanks to its past that is one of the points that have your old life back.

Even though only a few months quickly became a trend in the use of a hijab in one of the 29 videos that came out.

Khalifa has admitted in several interviews that he didn’t like the environment and that for this reason decided to get out because had been very disappointed.

It currently has the good fortune to be married and live extremely happy to the side and Robert and their pets, in addition to still have its popularity which he used to launch a calendar and a page proven of exclusive content from their photo sessions.

In the instant in which Mia appears to be located wearing black lingerie with lace at the top, you are wearing a bralette that as already mentioned highlights quite their attributes.

At the bottom wears stockings and your pantalets it is also of lace, with a sort of skirt, top in addition to an attractive garter belt.

Mia Khalifa appears between the legs of her now-husband who wears a white suit complete, both look very Enamorado and look good together.

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