Miley Cyrus feels privileged during the quarantine


The American singer-Miley Cyrus pondered the advantages of being located in a position favored during the pandemics you have a place to live and food on your table every day, a situation that no other people have.

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I am very aware that I have a privileged position, and that is also why I know that my experience with this pandemic, it does not look anything like what you are living millions of familiesboth in my country as in the rest of the world,” he says in an interview with the Wall Street Journal in its latest edition, which took the cover.

Cyrus, he says he feels secure in his department because they do not have to leave the house and run any danger:

My life has been on pause, but the truth is that I do not have nor idea of how it really is to this pandemic.”

In addition, the interpreter

We can’t stop, he stressed that not all the people have run with the same fate as she:

I’m in a house with all the comforts possible, I can put food on my table and my economic situation is stable. I do not run any danger, and unfortunately that is not something that you can say a lot of people”.

Miley reflects that, through its program of interviews, Bright Minded, your guests will have shared how they live in the confinement, which is different to the experience of others, so that, now, believes that it is not right to have your life in these moments:

I think that the doubts of many fellow to appear on my program, are because they think, with reason, that the celebrities should not share his experience during the quarantine. You really can’t compare to how he is doing the most”.