more uses for mind-boggling of the deepfakes


The deepfakes take several years between us, and in this short space of time we have already seen the large number of possibilities (mind-boggling and worrying) that you can get to get with these videos hyper.

One of the biggest uses recurring (and that most headlines and controversy has been busy) what we find in pornography. Anyway, there are chances of making the content very creative using this technology.

Imitations of another level

A good example is found in the video below, it has emerged thanks to the collaboration of SHAM00K (who has been in charge of the Deep Fake) and Azerrz (a well-known actor with more than 5.3 million subscribers on YouTube).

As we see, Azerrz appears characterized as Will Smith in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’and in a few seconds the technology is in charge of putting on the face of the famous actor from Philadelphia for the imitation to be perfect.

In a matter of seconds, we see as they are appearing other famous faces, which (in their way) interpret the famous song of the series. Azerrz is responsible for the imitation of characters as well known as Obama, Donald Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In the channel SHAM00K have uploaded a video in which you see all the work behind the cameras. To one side, we see the imitation of Azerrz, in the middle how it fits the face of the famous person and to the right the final result.

The result is truly impressive, and comes back to show us that the deep fakes can be used for very impressive. It is still a young technology, and all indications are that in the coming years will be increasingly difficult to differentiate whether we are dealing with a actual video, or altered.