Natti Natasha hit with the more spicy version of ‘No Pajamas’ hey, Raphy Pina shot!


There are no longer any doubts of the relationship that exists between the reggaetonera Natti Natasha and his representative Raphy Pina; but this video crossed the boundaries of what is possible. Did you just commit a folly for the fans? I can’t believe it!

These last few weeks, the singer Natti Natasha enjoy the rélax, exercise, kitchen, and rest in the lake around his house; but, above all, the company of your representative Raphy Pinas, manager of Pina Records.

Although an official confirmation on the part of both on this loving relationship, the pictures speak by itself and the sources close to trust this approach more than friendly in the duo. Mommie!

Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina, the output of a show.

In addition, Natti Natasha has shared several photos with this man, so renowned in the world of gender urban for their record label; but nothing like the last video I posted the reggaetonera in its official account of Instagram.

It already hits! We see Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina, more together than ever, playing surely one of the best versions of the song ‘No Pajamas’, which he sang to the artist, along with her friend Becky G.

“So, dale”, shouts Natti for that then Raphy make some noise with the iron, switched on and in the hand, just the beat of the song. The publication already has almost 10 million views and more than 12 thousand comments that laugh at this and fall in love each time more of Natti Natasha.