Nicki Minaj has not been separated from her husband



Rapper Nicki Minaj caused a small revolution among its fan base a few hours ago when he changed his name on his various social networking profiles without giving any explanation.

Since last summer, the artist was presented on Twitter as Mrs. Petty to demonstrate the degree of commitment that existed between her current husband Kenneth and she despite the fact that by then had not yet been married.

The conclusion to which have come quickly to their followers is that the marriage could have been separated discreetly and Nicki would be trying to turn the page in the virtual sphere, hence they have opted in to update their profiles. Now identifies herself as ‘Barbie’ in Instagram and ‘Yikes’ on Twitter, in reference to his latest single.

However, the explanation would be much more simple. In reality, Nicki’s single is reportedly preparing to promote your next musical work and, like many other artists, has begun to make changes in Instagram.

On the other hand, in your account still you can find several photos next to Kenneth, that probably would have eliminated if they had really broken.

“Nicki is still with her man”, has confirmed a source close to the rapper to the portal Page Six. “Your highness, everything is limited to a matter of business, as always, as he prepares to return to the ring”.