No, Cara Delevingne, and Ashley Benson ended up not


A tweet from the account of Cara Delevingne made to believe all her fans that her relationship with Ashley Benson had finished. We tell you the details.


December 12, 2019

The last days happened weird things on social networks with respect to Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson that gave us the impression things were not well between them or even that they had finished. But four letters in the account of Instagram of the actress we returned to the tranquility.

First, a tweet the model gave a message very direct: “Ashley and I finished”. The comments and questions of his fans erupted, but less than 20 minutes after that tweet had disappeared. There began the suspicion that they might have hacked your account, since the following messages were related to a false prize draw for an iPhone and another to ask for donations to an account Venmo, a mobile app that allows you to pay, receive and request money from other people, actions that is definitely the Face would not do.

A short time after, we learned that indeed the account had been hacked and blotted out all that information. But, of course, was that thorn of if maybe their relationship had ended.

This story followed him a few pictures that Ashley shared in your account of Instagram while the went very well with her friends in Germany, but there is no trace of Face. “I love Christmas. Berlin. Gluhwein. And these two,” wrote the actress in his publication. After, a brave user of Instagram that represents us had the courage to ask the question that we all wanted to know: “have you Finished with the Face?”. Finally, in four letters to Benson denied all the rumors: “nope”, he replied.

This pair are brides from a little over a year. They met while you were filming Her Smell Alex Ross Perry in 2018. “Not what we were looking for. It was actually very authentic and natural,” said the model and actress, in an interview months ago. What happened in reality?

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