Perfect notes 3: Anna Kendrick ensures that young people will identify with the film


In 2012 he premiered a Perfect Notes – 81%, a musical comedy with a plot nice and simple, which ended up becoming a success, courting the critics and the audience alike. In an obvious step for a tape successful, in 2015 they debuted More Perfect Notes – 66%, although on this occasion is not repeated the success of the first, at least secured a third party to close the cycle of the Bellas of Barden. On this occasion, the group will meet for a final presentation, while all dealing with the ups and downs of their solo careers. The tape will be released in December to take advantage of the family moments that emerge by christmas.

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Anna Kendrick, who plays Scholarship, the protagonist of the trilogy, spoke with Entertainment Weekly on the last tape, and the team meeting. The actress said that they are all very united and they don’t really get tired of each other despite spending all his time filming together:

It’s like a summer camp. We spend all of our time awake together. We shot together constantly, we are together in the trailer of make-up and hair and when we’re not filming we’re in a green room together. You start to think, “Oh, my God, if I see one of these girls for a second…” and then the weekend arrives and you think, “Girls, what are you going to do?”

In addition, Kendrick ensures that the new director, Trish Sie, helping them to maintain a good relationship with a new element freso and different.

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For the actress, it is indispensable that the films maintain their vision on youth and the problems they face once they leave the world, after spending years in the making. In the case of your character, in this third movie we will see to Grant to resign his job in a rushed way, and you begin to doubt your talent. But the character is not alone in this sea of uncertainty, because the rest of the Beautiful has also made great advances in your personal life. The only thing that unites them and am pleased to sing, the girls gather for one last time, but should give a twist to his talent to stay on top. Although this is a light comedy, the films have been halagadas for his vision of the youth and the effort they must do in spite of the talent, giving a twist more real to the idea of fulfilling your dreams

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