Personalities are joined by New York


Personalities are joined by New York

Personalities are joined by New York


New York, ranked as the city that never sleeps, the city of dreams or the city that has been the scene of hundreds of stories film, among which stand out those of Martin Scorsese or Woody Allen, demonstrated that the union makes the force, and thanks to the support of artists like Sting, Alicia Keys, Bon Jovi, Jennifer Lopez and Billy Joel managed to collect, through the organization Robin Hood, $ 115 million, which will be for the families that have been most affected by the pandemic coronavirus.

Having as a conductive main actress Tina Fey, in the course of an hour, and urging you to make donations to www.robinhood.comthe netizens appreciated the musical numbers from Mariah Carey, who played Through The Rain; Sting, who did the same with Message in a Bottle; as well as Lin-Manuel Miranda, who along with Cynthia Erivo, Idina Menzel, Ben Platt, Karen Olivo and Chris Jackson, interpreted the classic New York that became famous in the voice of Frank Sinatra.

No one comes to New York to be alone, however, even though they are stuck in their homes and feel alone, I want to say that they are not. We’re in this together and we will get through this together. If you have time, compassion and energy, please help your neighbors and new yorkers will respond to this call,” said the british Sting, of whom the netizens highlighted his slim appearance.

Joined Bon Jovi, who in his home and accompanied by his musicians, performed It’s My Life, and Billy Joel, in charge of closing the transmission with the theme Seen The Lights Go Out on Broadway.

Stay strong New York. Please, wear masks, because that way they’re not going to get any crap from anyone else,“ said Joel at the end of your theme that was projected on the screens of the streets of New York.

Bon Jovi, from their home, accompanied by his musicians

The on-line event Rise Up From New York! Robin Hood Relief Benefit also included the intervention of activists, politicians, among them mayor Bill De Blasio and governor Andrew Cuomo, who stressed the union of the new yorkers in the difficult times as it was after the attacks of September 11, 2001. As participating actors as Jessica Chastain, Awkwafina, Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert De Niro, founder of the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

Many consider New York as the center of the universe, but for us new yorkers is our home. It is time to wake up, we are a community and we take care of ourselves. The pandemic has made that we are separated, but in certain way we come together because we care about our neighbors and want to help us. We have many heroes among medical staff, people who risk their lives 24 hours a day and I externamos our gratitude,” said De Niro, standing up and aplaudiéndole to all those unsung heroes.

Among the voices that appeared in this special broadcast were of Barbra Streisand, Sarah Jessica Parker and Patti LuPone, who spoke of the impact that they experienced to see that from night to morning the streets of New York and the Broadway theatre ceased to operate in the presence of the COVID-19. They were joined by the driver Jimmy Fallon and actress Bette Midler.

The field of sport could not be left out of this event and the exquarterbacks of the New York Giants, Eli Manning and Phil Simms, appeared to speak of the great city of New York and urged people to donate to help with food, money and education for people affected by the coronavirus.