Photos Mia Khalifa boasts its charms bra from the bed


Mia Khalifa has once more proved to be a woman-very flirty, and able to raise the temperature quickly in social networks; this time from her bed and with only a bra.

For Khalifa, the art of cause to the user is very easy with only a bra, her bed and made a bold gesture on your face can cause intense passions on the internet.

The model and former actress has shared in Twitter a couple of photos where it looks like a bra, on one of them even lost his shyness and was photographed in her underwear on the outside, as viewed from the bottom nature.

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Khalifa has left in the past, the profession that made it famous; however, it has not abandoned its fans, and they often share nasty images of her on social networks constantly and in addition, has its page of exclusive content and much more “playful”.

The famous now leads a life more homely and often share them on twitter and instagram some of your activities and your living with your fiance.

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Mia Khalifa gave it as a gift beginning of the year a photograph wearing her exquisite body in a negligé. She is one of the women most searched on google by your old work and builds and maintains its own reputation with this type of content.

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Since last year was working to create its own calendar in which she appears as the protagonist, everything seems to indicate that it has been a success since Khalifa did not stop sharing your pretty photos.