Poster of the DCEU with Robert Pattinson, Dawyne Johnson and Margot Robbie


Although the Movie Universe of DC has passed along many drawbacks and failures, the universe of the film has not received a mortal blow on the part of the study. To this reason, fans keep hope alive that some day the universe is solid and in pursuit of the same have created a poster of the DCEU which includes even the newly arrived Batman of Robert Pattinson.

Despite the fact that Warner has not shown up to the moment intentions of connecting The Batman, the new film about the character that builds Matt Reeves, with the DCEU, the fans can’t help to fantasize about the idea. So a fan made a poster which includes the character at the side of the already established Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam and more. What you can see below.

The user explains in the description of your image in Instagram that this poster would be a kind of teaser the next phase of DC. The illustration also includes, to a lesser extent of importance to the Harley Quinn Margot Robbie, the Flash Ezra Miller and the still not introduced Black Adam, here personified by the actor is Dwane Johnson.

By the time the landscape of DC in the film focuses on successes separately. Both Wonder Womanas Aquaman worked as a character and as a commercial goal in his films solo, rather than in the union of both with the other characters as in the ill-fated Justice League or the much-criticized Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

DCEU Batman Robert Pattinson

On the other hand, Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix is held as a film apart from any universe and also break the box office and win awards at international festivals, gave him the award Oscar for his lead actor.

Birds of Prey and Shazam are other films that scored modest success to disassociate itself from any universe of the film, both of which confirm that DC and Warner will work best the movies solo.

Warner and DC by now expect brand new Wonder Woman 1984 in August and is currently in the production of The Batman by Matt Reeves. Also has confirmed a sequel Aquaman it is still in its earliest stage of conception.

What do you think of the fanmade poster?