Ricky Martin has revealed all about her precocious debut in the intimacy ¡Shocking!


The first of the astro pop, and premature, ended up leaving you with a flavor about the situation.

From an early age Ricky Martin walk around many countries, giving concerts and breaking hearts all over the world. At the beginning with the boy band Often and then as a solo artist.

While I was in Oftenthe band was causing an uproar among the teens who saw these guys with eyes of love, as their idols and as icons of male.

It was at that time when the star decided to move to third base. However, the first time the puerto rican singer turned out not as expected, even when I didn’t have long to wait.

The details were revealed to the argentine journalist Hector Maugueri, who told him when it was his debut in the intimacy and their impression about this important moment.

“I made my debut in the Argentina, at the age of 14. But at 13 I had given my first kiss of truth. To be honest, his debut for so small wasn’t a big deal. I said: ‘what is This?’…With the years I have had to look for the delight”.

Thus was the fame untimely led him to experiment with other aspects of your life, too early, until cconocer really what is act of intimate.