Rosalie gives more details of its long-awaited theme with Travis Scott


One of the artists that never ceases to amaze us is Rosalia. It is virtually impossible for anyone to know after the numerous successes that builds up in your musical career. ‘Badly’, ‘I Swear’, ‘Di my name’, ‘I Think your look’, or ‘pallet’ are just some of its more well-known topics, and judging by the last few details known are not the only ones.

The singer was in Miami to work when the situation of the coronavirus began to deteriorate forcing her to carry out the quarantine at the home of their representative in the united States. Although the concern also has taken hold of the artist, as it has shown through the social networks, the situation has not served as an obstacle for the Catalan will continue to work.

There is already a few days Rosalia surprised his fans in the middle of the bulls with ‘Hurt me’, a single which has swept on all platforms and probably it is not the only topic in which the artist has been working during these days.

Long since it was known that the Catalan was working on a collaboration with an american singer and although in his time he would not disclose his identity now, we have been able to learn through ‘Variety’ who the mysterious artist is It Travis Scott! Yes, as you read.

In addition to unveiling the identity of the singer, Rosalia has explained the reasons which led it to postpone such launch. “It was supposed to release a song with him last month to the clubs, with a sound that is super powerful in that I have been working for a long time. Has a very strong energy for a certain time and I did not feel that it is the time to release it. I didn’t feel that was connected with what was going on with the world right now”.

Rosalia is part of the large number of artists that have had to be forced to park temporarily their projects to expect that the situation will improve. It is then when the followers of the artist will be able to enjoy everything that the Catalan has prepared, included collaborations like the one mentioned above or like the one that has already nearly finished with Billie Eilish. We hope that everything is resolved as soon as possible to be able to celebrate successes as those of Rosalia.