Sebastian Yatra danced to their new song ‘Madness’ and fell in love with all of you in gown What muscles!


A few days ago, the singer Sebastian Yatra launched new theme song called ‘Madness’. Now, created a challenge for his fans in Tik Tok and the presentation of the same monopolized all the attention on the Internet. That gym yes you can see it!

The singer Sebastian Yatra it has become one of colombians most sought-after in social networks. Without a doubt, between your talent and her beauty, no one can resist. Oh its more than 22 million followers confirm it!

In the last days, even being in the house, held the premiere of a new song, ‘Madness’, interpreted in conjunction with Cali and the Dandee, dedicated to all those friends, families and couples, for the current context, they separated. It is difficult but not impossible.

The song, whose video already has almost 5 million views on Youtube, now has challenge own in Tik Tok. Sebastian Yatra was in charge of uploading it a few hours ago on his official instagram.

Mommie! The publication of more than half a million likes left lelos to all the fans of the colombian, accompanied by the rays of the sun and newly rising, dances a choreography for ‘Crazy’.

Without a doubt, the abs that reinforced by sitting at home with his parents and his brothers, away from the project labor intense as concerts, were evidenced in this post. What will think his bride, argentina Tini Stoessel?