Seeps a skin of Travis Scott for Fortnite


Fortnite announces the skin of Travis Scott

After seeing that the filtration of the skin of Deadpool has been successful, it is possible that the new image has been revealed also to become a reality. In this case, there has been the rumor that soon Fortnite will receive a skin based on Travis Scott, a rapper from the united States, very famous, that even has a documentary on Netflix. This artist so beloved it has been very requested in the game, and apparently Epic Games has been working on making that possible in order to please the fans that are waiting for you.

Recently, a Twitter user called HYPEX has shared a new image, that despite the fact that is not of high quality, it is enough to realize that this is a skin of Travis Scott, since you can see the typical outfits used by the singer, his skin tone, hairstyle and tattoos.

It is worth noting, that this is nothing more than a filtration, so we can’t confirm anything, but if this is true, it would make a lot of sense, since, like Marshmello, Travis Scott is also a fan’s faithful Fortnite.

▪ Release date: 25/07/2017