Serena Williams was also moved by photos of people with masks


Tennis champion Serena Williams says that she was thrilled to see that their efforts to distribute covers the mouths of the needy in society with Beautiful Canvas to materialize. The 23-time Grand Slam champion has been associated with Beautiful Canvas to distribute 45,000 face masks to communities in need.

In a posting on his personal account of Instagram, Williams says: “These pictures moved me and made smile to my heart. I wanted to do something that had impact in communities that are sadly neglected during these times.

I joined @bellacanvas and @serene maca difference and send facial masks daily to those in need. We sent out more than 45,000 covered facial daily Resource Center Prices from Yetunde (@YPRCLA) and local communities in the West Palm Beach area that provide care to the families of the workers essential health care first-line.

We also had a draw massive at our web site Literally give máscarillas to customers at no cost. That was an indescribable feeling. Of course that it ended fast, but it felt amazing to support those who always support me.

I adore them all, ” said Serena Williams, who has more than 12 million followers on his account of Instagram, currently, the tennis player, ranked number 9 in the world.