Shakira, Katy Perry and Halsey sing classic Disney-from-home | Music


The chain american ABC he has returned to pull of nostalgia for the schedule for this Sunday, inviting some of the artists of the time singing some of the songs of Disney that we all know. In this way, this 10 of may, more than twenty singers gathered in Disney Family Singalong Part II with the aim to sing to the whole family.

If in the previous edition we fell in love with Ariana Grande singing The song of Meg of Hercules, or we get excited with Beyonce singing When you wish upon a star, now have been Halsey, Katy Perry or Shakira those who have taken up the slack.

In LOS40 we wanted to rescue some of the moments that we liked the night.

In the times that run, without a doubt, one of the issues that we take a smile is Hakuna Matata. The song of the classic of 1994 was interpreted by the actors who put voice to the characters in the remake of 2019. In this way, Seth Rogan got into the skin of Pumba; Billy Eichner, the Rudder; and Donald Glover, and Walter Russel III in the Simba adult and child, respectively.

Another magical moment of the night was the one who staged some of the actors and actresses who work in the productions of Disney on Broadway. The cast sang the theme You’ll Be In My Heart of Tarzana song dedicated to mothers. Remember that in many parts of the world will be held this Sunday, may 10, mother’s day and Disney took advantage of the moment to pay tribute to all of them.

In fact, another song dedicated to mothers was Baby Minethe theme of Dumbo, who played the very Katy Perry in the guise of elephanta. Who was Dumbo? Your own puppy.

But there were also times to dance and sing. One of the most fun of the program was made by Keke Palmer along with the contestants Dancing With The Stars (the Look who’s dancing us). The singer performed one of the songs most fun to Hercules: Zero to Hero.

Another one that made us dance was Shakira. The colombian played the main theme of Zootrópolis: Try Everything. If she danced to the song from home. It a wonder!

Of course, there were also moments to get nostalgic. One of them was when John Legend and Jennifer Hudson interpreted the theme of Beauty and the Beast. It should be remembered that he sang the theme in 2017 next to Ariana Grande for the remake starring Emma Watson. Another song of love typical Disney rang in the program was A Whole New World. The theme of Alddin was sung by Idina Menzel, the very voice of Elsa, who arrived without problem to the treble of Jasmín. For the voice of Aladín was the actor Ben Platt.

But if there was a performance that we enjoyed was that of Halsey. The american put on a long wig red and he stepped into the role of Ariel. In fact, until she performed the gestures of the mermaid princess when she sang Part Of The World. It a wonder!

And speaking of The little Mermaid, Halle Bailey (the actress that will give life to Ariel in the remake of flesh and bone that prepares Disney) also acted. He did along with his sister, Chloe, and the actress Anika Noni to sing the theme song Almost There Tiana and the frog.

The only thing we expect now is that they launch all of these issues in the platforms of the streams so that we can enjoy them again and again.