Shawn Mendes and the feast of Cinderella she did to Camila’s Hair for her birthday


A few days ago Shawn traveled to London to spend march 3 with Camila and festejarla in a very special way, in the company of the entire cast and the production team of the film of ‘Cinderella’ (which will be released in February 2021).

¡Camila Cabello had a pumpkin pie for his birthday!

Can there be a better cake for Cenicientto one’s fill of chocolate and in the shape of a horse-drawn carriage pumpkin? Let us think not!

And so that we can see in the photos from Instagram that have been filttrado on the internet and that you have shared with guests of the event, ¡Camila broke his paste with the help of Shawnl!

The outfit sports Camila Hair on his birthday 23

One of the tests that your party was totally surprise (and the crew of the film was an accomplice of Shawn) was the sporty look with the the pop star arrived to your celebration (and that very probably was the same that took hours during the shooting of the film.)

The advantage of your outfit sporty (composed by pants, black, tennis shoes and a crop top with long sleeves) was that Camila felt very comfortable to dance all night!