So how will convict Henry Cavill? Launch the new image of Superman’s black in the DCEU


Although the initial plan for Warner Bros. was to eliminate the majority of the films of Zack Snyder of the continuity of the DCEU and with this also to get some actors in their universe, the studio is reconsidering its decision, so that it is likely that ‘Man of Steel’ get its long-awaited sequel and has already begun to circulate a picture of Henry Cavill with the black suit Superman.

Because in the comics the suit of black Superman is used by the character when he is in recovery, the fans expected that the man of steel it did in ‘Justice League’, given that in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’, he lost his life, however, this was not the case.

However, Snyder revealed that in their version of the film, Superman wearing the suit, so the expectations of fans have grown up around this film, that is rumoured could get to the streaming platform HBO Max, but while this happens, an artist has been commissioned to do a design that shows Cavill with the popular black suit.

Taking as a base the art of the game ‘Infinite Crisis’, the artist, spdrmnkyxxiii made two designs of Superman, Henry Cavill, one that shows it shaved and the other with a beard, both images show Superman locked up in the fortress of solitude while you recover. “Yesterday there were rumors that WB is finally moving forward with a sequel to man of steel. I just want my boy Henry Cavill in the layer of new”, expressed the artist.

So how will convict Henry Cavill? Launch the new image of Superman's black in the DCEU 96380058_2673692622904350_5830585941268609714_n-400x500

Source: spdrmnkyxxiii

It is thus that ‘Man of Steel 2’ might still be in the plans of Warner Bros. so finally we could see the Superman black in the DCEU, however, first we will have to wait to see that happen when the movie ‘Flash’ hits theaters, as it is said, will be in charge of give it a little reboot to this universe.

So how will convict Henry Cavill? Launch the new image of Superman's black in the DCEU 96712966_818855198606484_1859965770492053378_n-400x500

Source: spdrmnkyxxiii

So soon we already knew the appearance of Henry Cavill with the black suit Superman and maybe we’ll have a better look when the Snyder’s Cut of ‘Justice League’ is finally released, so fingers crossed for that Warner Bros decides to give continuity to the character Cavill and we have a new delivery of ‘Man of Steel’.