So you can get some light legs like Jennifer Lopez


The confinement you can have favored to whom it has been able to slow down life and to share with the family without being prejudice to economic or health concerns, but that has passed bill to our physical state. Beyond the extra weight, inactivity, and long hours of telework is suffering, above all, in the legs. The side effects of the excess of chair are multiple: from a slight heaviness that is alleviated with the ride of the eight, to a swelling noticeable due to the retention of liquids, which requires more attention.

Are not symptoms unique to this crisis of the coronavirus: 80% of women (and many men) suffer in the heat rises and rises to its workload. To solve the problem, the recommendation first is to change the lifestyle: healthy diet, two liters of water a day and walk at least 30 minutes a day. In addition, there are relief faster.

Jennifer Lopez has legs enviable, pampered with a clean diet, exercise and treatments specígraphics.

Jennifer Lopez has legs enviable, pampered with a clean diet, exercise and specific treatments.

Plan for a shock immediatelyit is best to apply a jet of cold water in circles upward, from the feet to the neck (if you have value) or from the feet to the upper area of the calf, massaging the area. Then, provided with comfortable clothing, sit with legs elevated. One hour in this position favours the blood circulation return. In addition, if you apply any cream specific for relieve the legs, will improve absolutely that feeling of heaviness.

You can still give them something more than mimo your legs if your goal is to be able to enjoy them with as much lightness as Jennifer Lopez. A good device in which to invest has to do with the pressure therapy: compression and decompression by using a few sleeves to activate the circulatory system, increase the oxygenation and prevent fluid retention. From 100 euros you can already find appliances of sufficient quality. As an alternative or treatment added, we encourage you to try a lymphatic massage, one of the most classic in the menu of the clinics of aesthetic. Your legs will thank you for it.