Sophie Turner is coming hard against Evangeline Lilly


The has bundled brown. From that Evangeline Lilly launch a message in social networks against the confinement to cope with the coronavirus, the middle world he has been thrown over. The are putting down a donkey and the truth is that you do not have plenty of reason to be critical. We are faced with one of those people incapable of thinking as a society rather than as an individual in a moment in which we all should take care of all.

The statements of the actress doing to give precedence to your right to” freedom above the right to life” has led to that even colleagues in the profession they have given him a good slap. If not, the parrot with Sophie Turner.

Quédate inside the house, don’t be fucking stupid though to have your ‘freedom’ above… I don’t know what. What is your health?. I don’t give a fuck your freedom, you could be infecting other vulnerable people around you doing that. So, stay inside. Otherwise, it is not cool and not smart”. Zasca epic actress Game of Thrones to Evangeline Lilly.