Spotify provides the playlists created by Alejandro Sanz, Aitana, C. Tangana and Kidd Keo to enjoy their favorite moments at home


Spotify, the platform audio streaming more popular in the world, today introduces new playlists created by artists from around the world that celebrate the power of audio to bring people closer together in a time in which many feel separated. The collection of playlists is perfect to accompany the activities and tasks in everyday at home, such as cooking, cleaning, exercising, or playing video games.

Artists of the international size of Alejandro Sanz, Aitana, C. Tangana and Kidd Keo have created their own playlists on Spotify. In these selections, the singers share with users your favorite tunes to perform some of the activities most common in home and closer to them.

In the playlist “Cooking with: Alejandro Sanz”the artist shared the subjects that I usually listen to while you prepare their best dishes, like “Missing” by Everything But The Girl”; “Kiss”, by Prince, and “Somebody That I Used To Know”, by Goyte and Kimbra. Alejandro Sanz has also wanted to send a message to his followers: “The music is what moves us, allows us to communicate, what we transmit and receive energy. It is life itself. Live the music”.

The playlist “At home with: Aitana” includes some of the songs that the artist is listening more these days, as “She Will Be Loved”, Maroon 5; “What Do You Mean?”, of Justin Bieber, and “There’s Nothing holdin ‘ out’ Me Back”, Shawn Mendes. Aitana, in addition, share how you are living these moments and how important it is to be the music for it: “The music helps me to relax, to concentrate, to be more creative. I am happy in my saddest days and it makes me cry of emotion in my happiest days. The music has always been the most important thing, and now, much more”.

Aitana. Photo: Tamy Mauri

For those who do exercise at home, in the playlist “He trains with: C. Tangana”, the spaniard shares the songs that motivate you during your workouts at home. Among them, “Genesis”, of Justice; “Still Rapping,” his collaboration with Steve Read, and “Black Skinhead”, Kanye West. The singer has also sent a message to his fans: “I have prepared a playlist on Spotify with the best tracks that I listen to when I train. I put strong and a little kiss!

And for those who prefer to disconnect while playing video games, the playlist ‘“Gaming with: Kidd Keo” includes some of the themes that put the soundtrack to the games of the popular artist, such as “Surely”, of dutchavelli; “Big Money Talk” from Lyrics Born, and “CRAZY”, his collaboration with Dark Polo Gang.

These playlists are part of the initiative of Spotify, “Two worlds in a song”, which seeks to bring people closer together. In addition, the platform has enabled the microsite to discover users who are listening to the same song at the same time. So that, when two unknown individuals start to play “Imagine” or “Husk” at the same time, will be able to see from what places in the world there are these connections.