Stories of the theatre to the RAE: the podcast about culture which you can hear in quarantine


As well as the series, movies or books are products of cultural consumption that we have so prevalent in our everyday lives, there are newer formats that take more and more force. One of them is the podcast, a piece of audio that delivers different possibilities as to tell a story or establish a conversation regarding a specific topic, but hosted on a platform is to the hand of anyone who wants to listen to it all the time.

According to statistics of the Music Oomphx, in the united States alone there are over 850 thousand podcasts active, however the availability of insurance is greater in all the world. Here we leave you a selection of the offer podcasts related to topics of culture that it is possible to find on the internet.

When there were no schools of theatre, the night life was the space of encounter between the artists of the time. That back room is the one that counts the first chapter of That follow the function!the podcast ” the UC Theatre has launched today on the occasion of the National Day of the Theatre and delve into the history of the theatre.

The podcast, produced by the UC Theatre and Radio Beethoven, will have 12 chapters that will be posted on Mondays and Fridays, with scripts by Andrés Kalawski, driving Braulio Martinez and the participation of the actors and actresses Gabriela Aguilera, Elvira López Alfonso, Jose Luis Aguilera and Cristian Hidalgo.

Other cultural options, they are some of the podcast of the platform Issuer Podcasting, there is the program I confess that I have readled by the writer Pauline Flowers. His first season produced over the past year has eight chapters where the author has a guest with whom to talk about an author and a book. The muralist Caiozzama talk about I’m afraid bullfighter of Lemebel, with Luis Gnecco on What we talk about when we talk about love of Raymond Carver or Sebastian Lelio and his taste in comics.

The publishing group Penguin Random House also has its own podcast about books, titled Non-Fiction and that is available on Spotify. Each chapter is an excerpt of a reading different: 21 lessons for the TWENTY-first century, by Yuval Noah Harari; Let’s change the world, Greta Thunberg; Borges Buenos Airesof Ulyses Petit de Murat, or Behind the scenes of the writing, by Liliana Heker are some of the books. In the meantime, the podcast Books are not mandatory, Tv 13 Radio also works as a good space recommendations literary. In each one of the episodes the journalist Macarena Lescornez talks with Gerardo Jara, bookseller, Editorial Catalonia, who gives titles that you can’t pass up.

For children there is also a podcast dedicated to storytelling. Produced by Spotify Studios is the podcast Come with a story, episodes of around 10 minutes that narrate the classic stories of Pinocchio, Cinderella, Little red riding hoodor The tin soldier. While Radio Duna offers the program Pure Storynarrated by Barbara Mirror, with stories like The cat with boots, Hansel and Gretel and The three chanchitos.

If art is about, the Spanish platform Podium Podcast has in its catalog the program Encuádrate, which each chapter tells the story of famous works of art. The garden of earthly delights of The Bosco, The last supper Leonardo Da Vinci, The adoration of the mystic lamb of van Eyck, and The broken column of Frida Kahlo are some of the works discussed in this podcast.

On the same platform it is possible to find The sounds of Dudamela podcast biography that delves into the life of the composer and director, venezuelan Gustavo Dudamel. So far the programme has four chapters ranging from childhood to the present director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, his influences and his vision of art as a fundamental right for boys and girls.

Despite its scholarship, the RAE amazes more and more with its strong presence and interaction on social networks. It is as well as not far below the trend of the podcast. RAE Reports is the program that all the weeks are presented through Radio 5 and seeks to teach about the correct use of words. In each pill 5 minutes in duration addresses a theme weekly, in addition to queries spelling and the word of the day.

In the field of cinema there is also an offer on platforms such as Spotify or iVoox. The Academy of Arts and Sciences Cinematograficas de España The podcast of Spanish cinemaa space where you can recount the details of the film world as the music, special effects, costumes, makeup, filming, among others. All of the voices of different experts of the academy have the back of those jobs that we only see finished on the screen.

In both the specialized magazine Cine Premiere also has its own podcast where he provides a commentary of the contents of their own medium, both film releases as series. The program can be heard on their web site