Surprise to all!Oh Serena Williams, concerned about the COVID-19 records a clever video! Miralo here


The pandemic of coronavirus has athletes more busy than worried. Due to the impossibility of maintain an exercise routine daily as usual, each one is very creative as you can. The tennis player Serena Williams is one that seeks to maintain the pace of training, the duration of the quarantine in the country of the us.

Declares the best tennis player in the world before retiring, he shares his life in Instagram like their routine daily and postcards of your beautiful little daughter. On this occasion, the brunette climbed into his personal account a video other funny thing where she was seen playing with his ‘other self’, edition of TikTok by and became viral in a matter of minutes. In fact, I already collected more than 900 thousand views.

Accompanied by their own congratulations, Serena Williams he shared a few minutes of a game of tennis with herself. Thinking at all, she wore two locker rooms different. Ironizando with the competitor on the other side, finished the recording with a funny comment in reference to who had written and produced the idea. The athlete use their social networks more than ever in pursuit of fun and to create awareness of the seriousness of the matter, something that their compatriots do not seem to understand in the same way.

The goal of these postings comic is to bring a little bit of distraction to the public that remains in quarantine. It should be noted that, only in the united States the Covid-19 took 70 thousand lives. In the context of this was that, a few days ago, the tennis player joined female colleagues to participate in “Stay at Home Slam”a mini-competition that was broadcast over the internet to pay tribute to the victims of the coronavirus.