Tekashi 6ix9ine cause uproar in networks with their statements and broken record, what happened? | Music


Got that 2 billion people will connect with him and his recent video already exceeds 60 million reproductions

This Friday, the controversial rapper american Daniel Hernandez best known Tekashi 6ix9ine had a close up with her fans after being absent from the scenarios after being imprisoned for committing various crimes linked with organized crime, and weapons of fire.

It was through your account Instagram @6ix9ine the singer shared with his followers so that his transmission would surpass the two million spectators. During your Instagram Live made several statements about his stay within the prison, as well as their new musical projects.

Recently, Tekashi69 premiered on the platform YouTube its simple titled “Gooba”, which already has more than 60 million reproductions. In this video you appreciate their colorful style, where, in addition to show sexy women, jewelry and money, this time you can see the shackle from his leg, which is carried by the people who must comply with house arrest, to prevent escape of the country.

Within A few hours of its launch,

Snoop Dogg

and Meek Mill he expressed his dissatisfaction by calling him a “rat”.
“You should stop posting that rat on all means of communication, that makes the complaints seem great. I am of the old school, fuck the 69 and all those who follow its line at this time in New York are pure garbage, sintonizame on this and if it is not so jodete you, too.” Published Snoop Dogg.

In addition to being hated by other rappers, only a month of his release from prison, Tekashi 6ix9ine already had problems that compromised their integrity. And is that in their social networks made a publication where it looks up to a balcony with several bundles of banknotes, and according to sources, it was thanks to a neighbor of the area that leaked the address of the house of the singer. For security reasons 6ix9ine had to leave the property in which she was confined in house arrest.

Daniel Hernandez was arrested in 2018, accused of having links to organized crime to belong to the street gang Nine Trey Bloods. Because of their multiple charges, his sentence could be 47 years in prison, but thanks to their collaboration with the authorities and their testimonies achieved a reduction of sentence and was granted a two years and five months. After spending 13 months in jailattorneys Daniel managed to be allowed to serve the remainder of their sentence through house arrest because the singer suffers from asthma and was at risk of getting sick coronavirus. From the April 2, Daniel is in a house in New York, waiting for their freedom.