Tekashi 6ix9ine is a mockery of Bad Bunny and Drake


The rapper he came out of prison and has taken their social networks to demonstrate your popularity, but he also took this opportunity to send greetings to some music stars who, in accordance with Tekashi, could not be compared with him.

After winning his request to complete his sentence under house arrest, Tekashi 6ix9ine out of prison, and informed that it would begin to work on new music. Did so and recently launched GOOBA, a new melody that was accompanied by a colorful video.

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To celebrate this new song, and his return to music, Daniel Hernandez conducted a live broadcast from his personal account of Instagram, where in addition to talk about GOOBA and their plans to show new music, also caused controversy with his comments. During this space, rapper and composer, sent greetings to some important figures of the music industry, but his message seemed more of a mockery. Tekashi he said:

A greet Tory, greetings to Drake, regards to Bad Bunny. You could never stop playing with me.

Indicating that its popularity is much bigger and that as soon as she returned proved that they can beat anyone, is it true? The live broadcast of this rapper surpassed the 2 million viewers, breaking the record so that Instagram had for this kind of videos.

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In addition, the controversial artist has flouted the law dancing with handcuffs while he was observed by his followers, presuming his return home, and informing them that even if others were trying to dirty his name he could against all of this.

Recently the rapper premieres the video for GOOBA in YouTube, which has almost 100 million of reproductions, so the work of fans and curious on the new job of Tekashi has been reflected in the numbers.

See the video of Takeshi talking about Tory, Drake, and Bad Bunny below: