The argentinian who was recognized by Will Smith


When sos good, you’re good. And it realizes all over the world. If not, just ask Juanchi Amy Dunna creator of digital content argentine who made a video about it Will Smith and it was reposted by the Hollywood star. Incredible but real.

The professional life of Juanchi had, in principle, another goal: he received an industrial designer in the UBA. But he soon discovered that it was not his vocation. I had another hobby, something that I really loved: photography and video. So, he began to work in a production company and was professionalized in that area. Today is at the head of his own agency, with his partner. Carried out campaigns for major brands and coverage of mass events, such as Lollapalooza.

But this time the success of Juanchi Amy Dunn wine on the other hand: for the social networkslike everything from that decreed the mandatory quarantine in the country. From your home, and with the resources he had at hand, first had done a video with 80 characters of the film. To do this he used the technique of hyperlapse, which manages to generate a sense of surprise in the viewer. The first video had a great impact, so Juanchi decided to do the same, but this time with one actor in particular.

Will Smith, the chosen one

To choose the honorees, launched a survey among its followers Instagram. The winner was Will Smithhead-to-head with Leonardo Di Caprio. What happened after I hung up the video in the networks never would have expected: the actor we got “I like” in the publication, and then reposteó the video the argentine filmmaker in your account. The words you used to describe the work were few but compelling: “This is fantastic”.

The impact that generated the video helped John to open new doors work, then a pandemic of the coronavirus had been closed some. Received proposals from the united States and Germany, which can give your agency, in the future, some international projection. Well-deserved what you have.

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Argentina, with a ba in Social Communication and remediation. I am passionate about writing, your own and others. My love for words, for phrases magical and perfect, led me to direct my professional career towards the drafting, to which then I added the correction to improve my texts, and, also, of other authors. Because a picture is not always worth a thousand words. Thanks for reading.

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