The bestial vengeance of Alexia Rivas against Save me (and Marta Lopez) is already in place


Alexia Rivas

May 11, 2020
(13:41 CET)

Alexia Rivas became of the night to the morning in the great protagonist of Mediaset. And all by going topless in a connection of Alfonso Merlos for the program State of Alarm that presents Javier Negre. During these weeks we have talked about the desire of fame of Rivas, while he has also come to light your resume loving. The same thing has happened to a journalist. However, while it has been able to maintain the type, Alexia Rivas has been overcome by media pressure.

The only output that has done is to go to the medical center and ask for the time off work for a box of anxiety. He has spoken of it in all the media, even this love triangle has jumped to the united States, where many presenters have given their opinion on the matter. Half of Spain has been informed of all this history, where in a first moment was Marta López as the victim of an alleged infidelity.

alexia rivas and merlosAlexia Rivas has already made it clear through his lawyers that it would take drastic measures with all those means of communication that try to pull by earth, of his honor and professionalism. And so it has been. The bride of Alfonso Merlos put on a war footing with the chain that he has given you to eat during these last few years. The journalist has taken measures against those it considers to have violated their fundamental rights in regard to the honour, privacy and own image.

Alexia Rivas accused the company where he has been working during recent times as most responsible for all this fabric. Lreporter has already given orders to his law firm to initiate the pertinent procedure, and can lead to judgment by the production company, The Factory of the Tele, in charge of making the most of spaces of entertainment for Telecinco.

The law firm has already compiled all the necessary information to implement the corresponding demands this Monday May 11.

“Alexia is a very low mood, is very touched, that is why it is low, although their intention is never to return to your job, how are you going to go back after what you have done?”, say sources close.

“Such spaces have been dumped indiscriminately comments about my person, unequivocally abusive or insulting, with a content clearly offensive and defamatory, and that are unnecessary to express the opinion or assessment of a try, going straight for my honor, my integrity, my image and my reputation, personal and professional, with information that is not truthful, or objective, or proven“, wrote the young man through his lawyers.