The betrayal of the infanta Elena to her mother that uncovers the most fat in years


Queen Sofia and the infanta Elena | EFE

May 11, 2020
(13:39 CET)

Jaime Peñafiel has returned to the attack with the royal family. The journalist has passed very difficult moments after having contracted the coronavirus, in addition to having lost his sister recently. But it is already recovered from the first and looking forward in the second. And in Four a day he made it clear that it is Peñafiel for a while.

The chronicler participated in the live program to have a conversation with Joaquín Prat and told how things are going for Zarzuela.

“The confinement of Juan Carlos being in Madridin the Zarzuela. Each one in his site. Felipe, who lives in a pavilion of 500 m of Zarzuela, goes to the firm that is in Zarzuela and crosses paths with her father.” But it points that do not talk: “Philip did not speak with anyone. There can be good relationship after that humiliation Felipe his father”.

Don Juan Carlos I and Felipe VI

So is the confinement of Juan Carlos I

In addition, he continued, “with the family only relates to the infanta Elena”. “With Sofia nothing. The Royal Family has ceased to be a family. Things have been very serious. Your health is not to throw rockets, is delicate, makes no plans,” he said.

Also, Peñafiel confirms what I picked up Daily Goal last week, about that holds teleconferences with the who still laugh at the graces. “To Juan Carlos I like to do video conferencing with friends,” he said. And made a list of the people you speak to: “The king Simeon of Bulgaria, a lifelong friend. Miguel Arias, who is also a friend and owner of a restaurant in Palma. Carvajal, Vats, a colleague at the school that created Franco arum bush groves where he was a child Juan Carlos. And Peter Field, its pattern, which dribbles. And a very important person in the life of Juan Carlos, Carlos Fanjul, the king of the sugar Dominican Republic cone, who has spent long periods in their mansions.”

The betrayal of the infanta Elena to Sofia

But there is something more. The journalist confirmed what we told in DG. That John Carlos it also speaks with one of his former lovers, Martha Gay. “Talks with Martha Gaythat was his great love and that has appeared as a benefit of money, 2 or 4 million euros of gift. It always comes back,” he revealed.

Marta Gaya

A Martha Gay with that, as counted in the environment Zarzuela, was so close Juan Carlos until they had held meetings at which also was present the infanta Elena. As if Marta outside of the family. Some meetings that are considered by his mother Sophia as a betrayal. A stab in the back. And is that anyone would grace that her daughter is off with the lover of her husband eating in Madrid.