the change of look with which to compare it to Halle Berry

Halloween continues to generate stories and news. And is that the Night of the Dead is a great event for the celebrities, that take advantage of the occasion to give free rein to your imagination and to become, for a few hours, in their favorite characters. If Heidi Klum is the queen more consecrated and the sisters Kardashian-Jenner follow him ever more closely, there is another girl who begins to run as candidate to the throne. In the wild birthday party of Kendall, Bella Hadid it became the Catwoman sexiest, but is that just hours before was surprising to his followers, disguised as Betty Marble, of ‘The Flintstones’. The hairstyle for this look, a very short and tousled pixie, we did take hundreds of compliments and also a successful comparison with, precisely, a woman who played the supergata on the big screen. What is happening to Bella through a phase of obsession with Halle Berry?

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Whether for personal or professional reasons, Bella Hadid to change of look lately. In the summer he regained his blond natural (hair long with the confudían with Gisele Bündchen) to, a few weeks later, back to the brunette hair that was made world-famous. Halloween has been your last excuse to try new hairstyles and, in the hands of the stylist of confidence, Jen Atkin, has dared to experiment with her hair short and edgy to date, a pixie tousled with that completed his costume of Betty Marble.

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This is not the first time that, thanks to wigs and hairpieces, the small of Hadid wearing the hair very short: at the MET Gala, 2019, last may, already took a pixiealthough something longer and much more polished this time around. For Halloween, has preferred a casual finish that, in view of the comments, has delighted his fans. Even his sister has given away: “We’re going to make a plan to oeuvre in your room and have it while you sleep. I’m obsessed,” wrote Gigi in the profile of the hairdresser. And has not been the only celebrity he has wanted to say. The also model Emily Ratajkowski solved with your comment a question that you may have been assaulted to see the look: “who remember me?”.

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“Halleeeee”, exclaimed -digitally speaking – Emily Ratajkowski to see the photo of Bella. And is that indeed, this short hair and scrambled it inevitably reminiscent of the hairstyle that Halle Berry took over the years, and in some of his films more iconic, like ‘Monster”s Ball’ (2001) or ‘James Bond: Die another day’ (2002). A long time later, and already with the longer hair, the american actress played another of his roles more memorable in ‘Catwoman’ (2004), a character who chose Bella Hadid a few hours later for his second Halloween costume. What a coincidence or is the best confirmation of who is the icon of the top california?

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