The controversy with James Charles starts the 2020

The famous beauty vlogger starts the New Year with a touch of drama.

James Charles knows perfectly well that the Internet can give a career a millionaire, but you can also destroying my in seconds.

With this in mind, the YouTube star had to think twice before it is displayed in Instagram singing a theme that could clearly cause problems.

Do you want to see what your new scandal? Get to know all the details in the clip above!

2019 was also a year of very controversial for Charles…

Last year, his fight viral with his colleague Tati Westbrook mad at all, and their video “No More Lies”, a response to the assertions incendiary Westbrook against it, finally reached # 1 in the “most popular Videos of YouTube” in the united States.

At the time of his public dispute, he was a victim of the culture of the cancellation.

“We are quickly coming to a point at which the cyber-bullying, the hatred and the culture of the cancellation are being strengthened”, he said to Paper in November 2019. “I can tell you first hand, gave me. I was very grateful to be surrounded by close friends and a family that I was watching all day, every day, in the middle of the night every 10 minutes to make sure that I did not do something of which I could never recover”.

Although it is not clear how it is reacting to Charles in private, after the last drama, he published his “vibes 2020” this Wednesday night in the form of two pictures: one of him posing in front of a sunset and the other holding up a middle finger and smiling.

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