The dark side of Rosanna Zanetti. “She is guilty”. And leaves very bad David Bisbal


David Bisbal and Rosanna Zanetti

May 12, 2020
(15:37 CET)

David Bisbal is very happy. The almerian just communicated that in a few months will be a father for the third time, the second time with Rosanna Zanetti, his wife, and with whom they already have the little Matteo was born last year. However, it is not the only one that has decided to expand the family. He has also done the same to his ex, Elena Tablada. The businesswoman gave birth last week to her son the fruit of his relationship with Javier Hungary.

Sources close environment of the singer claim that has not congratulated Elena Tablada by her newfound motherhood. “Nor has had the delicacy to congratulate Helenkaby a simple courtesy, completely ignoring the arrival to the world of the little sister of Her, the daughter he had with Elena. Would have sufficed a single word, congratulations, but nothing. Yes, up to a day before delivery he was asking through his lawyer that he will leave to take her to his house when his mother gave birth. That man is a rude. Clear that… also let it be influenced too much by his wife, Rosanna, that she can’t even see Elena” count.

The relationship between David Bisbal and Elena Tablada is not a pleasant experience. Since they were separated have maintained a constant struggle. However, both are seen briefly to collect her daughter She. Are always shown to be distant and how much they give a greeting and nothing more.

Rosanna Zanetti loves to be with Her, the daughter of her husband. It’s more in the publication where they reported that extended family she also leaves touching the belly of the model. However does not support Elena Table and on occasion has had an attack of jealousy, especially at the beginning of the relationship of the girl and the singer.