The drama of Ana Guerra (OT) that threat with fulminate his career in Spain

Ana War

May 11, 2020
(14:08 CET)

The crisis that is generating the coronavirus is very concerned about Ana War and many of her co-editing of OT of two years ago. And with reason. It is not only the personal drama and health is assuming for many families, but for their careers.

And is that, as you well know, the followers of the singer canaria, Ana had found a gap in the musical panorama of spain. It is clear that neither she nor her friend Aitana Ocaña arrive at the level of names such as the Rosalia, but also what it is that they had a piece of the pie of the industry in Spain.

The drama of Ana War

Something that now, as pointed out by many, is in danger. Among other things because a good part of the movement and the marketing that surrounds Ana War it is based in events and in concerts. And of course, taking into account the prospect that is looming, everything seems to indicate that there will be a summer very positive in this sense.

And is that, for much that good part of Spain is already moving forward with phase and that the normalcy is just starting to reset, the crowds and the acts with many people will be the last that will be allowed. There is who suggests that missing months for events such as a concert, a sporting event, a play or simply a manifestation, may be carried out with total normality.

Taking into account that it is in summer where most festivals are organized and where Ana and the rest of the good part of the Spanish singers make tour, this break in dry of their musical activity (eye, live) can cause the drama is more than evident, and that even taking into account that War nor has many years of experience behind to endure, in that sense, his career is hanging by a thread.

We’ll see. Luckily, as you’ve been able to check their followers from time to Ana I also like everything related with fashion and with perched sensual. Perhaps there is a way out if necessary.