“The Lego Movie” has an important message about the COVID-19


LOS ANGELES (united States).- Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks repeated characters The Lego Movie. Although many wanted to hear them again on another tape lively, the couple returned to their characters to share tips on how to stay healthy in the midst of the pandemic coronavirus, in a new campaign for children.

The animated video presents Emmet (Pratt), and Lucy (Banks) as they sing a fun topic. The lyrics of the song was composed to help the little ones of the house to remember the best ways to prevent the spread and contagion of the COVID-19. This disease is caused by the new coronavirus has forced the world population to be isolated.

The clip begins with the feisty tech-savvy Lucy, who talks about the “darkness” of COVID-19. “The world as we knew it is over”, says the character of Lego. After calling the pandemic a “revelation”, he adds, “not everything is amazing”, referring to the iconic song leader of the soundtrack of the franchise on the big screen.

An optimistic Emmet is soon about to Lucy. After you confirm that both are ready for the PSA, Emmet says that they will discuss “novel coronavirus”. He continues: “I Admit that I didn’t read the other 18 books in the series”. Lucy explains that COVID-19 is not a book, but “a virus that we have not seen before. And the 19 is because it was discovered in 2019”.

Then, the character of Pratt teaches simple lessons about how the children can ensure that they are maintained healthy. Explain to them how to wash hands, cough or sneeze into your elbow, avoid touching your face, stay a safe distance from others and stay at home. The expert in technology, it reiterates that the viewers should remember “hands, elbows, face, space and home”.