The manifestations of the love of the son of Will Smith to Justin Bieber


Something would be happening between the artists Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith that has intrigued fans and the press shows international, in particular for the samples of affection of Smith towards the popular canadian singer.

In his profile in Instagram, the son of Will Smith has released some photos in which I referred to in a loving way to Bieber, which has been given to many interpretations. A few days ago, Smith posted a picture of both during childhood, and wrote, “I love you Justin, happy birthday”.

Above, and precisely on the day of the lovers, Jaden made a posting in reference to “The Changes Tours”the fourth concert tour of Bieber that will begin on the 14th of may, promoting his fifth album. “Happy Valentine’s day Bae, go to transmit changes”, he wrote Jaden at the foot of the photo.

The artists do not hesitate to derrocharse love through the social networks, especially, the singers are very good friends since the recording of the song “” target=”_blank”>Never Say Never,” which went public in the year 2010, when both were still children.

Although it has not been confirmed with all his lyrics, the singer Jaden Smith has made several publications through the networks, which hints at his homosexual inclination; however, up to now are pure speculation.

His behaviour has given you of what to talk about. In the year 2018. Jaden wrote: “Tyler is my fucking boyfriend, and has been my fucking boyfriend the whole life”, in reference to the rap singer. This got a reaction from the young pop star, Bieber said: “I Thought I was your boyfriend” to which Jaden responded, “you are.”

In the delivery of the Grammys in February 2020, the rapper won the prize for best album in its category, so that Smith’s effusive wrote on Twitter, “My boyfriend has won a Grammy”, which reawakened the rumors about the homosexuality of Jaden.

Justin Bieber, for his part, was married in 2018 with the american model Hailey Baldwin.