The new challenge for Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger things


The third season of the Stranger Things you have a few weeks of being released, and so far it has been a success, which has even broken the record of the premiere most-watched on Netflix. In this note we will discuss a challenge that was proposed to the actress Millie Bobby Brown, one of the protagonists, where he proposes to sing a song that appears in the series.

Millie Bobby Brown, “Once” in the series, was tasked with viralise a video in social networks. The actress appears in a room without a gram of makeup, a sweatshirt, pants cloaking width and a few lenses, dancing to the rhythm of the song “Never Ending”, a song from the 80’s that there is currently a trend thanks to the series.

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In these images we can see Bobby doing a series of dance steps to the rhythm of the song and on several occasions he stops to repeat the letter sounds in the song. The song returned to gain popularity thanks to one of the scenes of the series in which their characters they interpret. The chapter was so much fun, that it was listed as one of the most memorable.

In the publication, the actress mentioned the video as the new challenge viral under the hashtag #NeverEndingchallenge, so that fans of the series will be encouraged to make the eye-catching dance. As was expected, the video has caused different reactions positive in their networks and with only an hour of having been in the web already had more than 2 million views.

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Then the original song:

8.2 million accounts have already finished watching the full season, revealed Netflix to argue that a large part of the fans of “Stranger Things” has enjoyed these new chapters and devouring one after another the episodes in the form of a marathon on television.

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Netflix usually keep under lock and key by the number of viewers of each of their releases and only reveals the data of hearing, with the eyedropper, when it reaches the success with either a series or a movie. We recommend you watch the series to understand the context and because it was something so fun for all fans of the same.