The “outrage” that has paid Felipe VI by these photos of Letizia

May 12, 2020
(13:03 CET)

It is not that it’s any secret that the queen Letizia is a woman very flirty and boastful. It’s already time to follow the evolution of the woman Felipe VI know that, in fact, the image is something very important to her.

It is evident that what is also given the position he’s in, but there are a few those who claim that Letizia had always had on its image as one of their main concerns.

Queen Letizia | EFE

But of course, since he became Princess of Asturias first and later in queen, Ortiz he has chosen to spend several times by the hands of the best surgeons in the country. Operations of aesthetic, as much as from the institution are not precisely very clear about that, are more than a fact.

The photos of Letizia and Felipe

Operations that have served him, according to his admirers, to be “more beautiful than before.” In this sense, the most important thing is that she feels fine and, as has been demonstrated on many occasions, your opinion always premium above the rest.

There are many photos that we see for the networks, whether official events, paparazzi, or even of one’s own Home Real, in which Letizia it appears “great”. However, they have been the last official photos that have made the kings, the first in fact since Felipe took the throne, those who have given so much to talk about.

And this series is that of perched official have side, as noted from monarchy confidential neither more nor less than 31.157 euros. A price that for many is a “shit” but that, as pointed out by some specialists, is “common in buildings and in works of this type”.

What is certain is that, as much as the anti-Letizia have rushed to leave their negative comments on social networks, they say that the queen is delighted with the result.