The photo of Gloria Camila and him! (and it is not your boyfriend) that unleashes an earthquake on rescue me


gloria camila

May 11, 2020
(20:40 CET)

Gloria Camila he has a particular war with Sofia Suescun that have been given a further twist in the last few hours due to a photo that has raised controversy in the networks.

The daughter of Ortega Cano he had denounced some months ago, the current boyfriend of the Suescun, Kiko Hernándezwho was for four years boyfriend of Camila with a demand multiple.

And now it seems that it has wanted to give another blow to a Sofia Suescun that have a foot and a half outside of Telecinco.

gloria camila teeth

A photo controversy

On this occasion, Gloria Camila took advantage of the presence on set of Cristian Suescun to take a selfie with him which he hung the brother of Sofia Suescun in their stories of Instagram.

The relationship between the two is very good for a long time, do not hesitate to make it public whenever they can, although Gloria Camila and Sofia Suescun not support it.

critian suescun gloria camila capture

A anger tremendous

And it seems that the photo would have had a result for Cristian, who would have received a scolding from his sister for having made that ugly to appear in public with his arch-enemy.

The Suescun not even want to hear talk of a Gloria Camila that has contributed to their disappearance of Telecinco and that is why I had to give a nice touch to his little brother.