The signing of Andrea de Janeiro by Telecinco. The large bomb to explode

Andrea Janeiro EFE

May 11, 2020
(13:29 CET)

Belén Esteban is the only partner that still has not come back to Save me. The time is getting expect. Anyway, the contributor has not stopped working at any time. Is thrilled with her new section. From home cooking appetizing dishes very simple. While you observe your peers and the viewers of the format, the of Paracuellos follow the recipe.

Belén Esteban salad jacketThis section is made possible thanks to Andrea Janeiro. Although the first few days hiding who was behind the cameras, Belén Esteban revealed that it was his daughter. However, not wanting to reveal his face as Andrea wants to remain anonymous, as issued in the statement to the age of 18. The daughter of Belén Esteban went to London to study image and sound. His dream is to be technically sound on the radio. This is why this past summer did internship in Los40, the station most important in the country.

Now he has returned to Spain leaving her boyfriend in the Uk for health reasons. After cancelled classes and before that I could not enter Spain, Andrea Janeiro caught a flight to Madrid, and from the beginning of march is confined at his mother’s house. Both are entertained with the new section of Save me. Andrea makes of camera and sound. The recordings are spectacular.

And it is more Jorge Javier Vazquez and Carlota Corredera already congratulated on your time. The factory of the tele I would have no objection in that Andrea de Janeiro to work in the program of his mother. Yes, always behind the camera, as she likes to. However, accepting this proposal is a double-edged sword. You know that if you are in the program, even as neglect, any day can film it and seen his face. So to keep your anonymity will not be interested in this proposal.