The tribute of Zac Efron to Rapinoe


Megan Rapinoe, who recently said if his team wins the World cup in France in 2019 will not go to the White House to Donald Trump, was the heroin of the united States in the quarter-final contest in which the american team got rid of the host to stand in the semi-finals.

It is for this reason that the actor Zac Efronwho is following very close to the championship and is a fan of the footballer, has resorted to social networks to share the tribute that will be allocated the race number ‘15’ of the national team.

“I’m going to dye my hair lilac. Let’s go!! #USWMNT #Rapinoe,” wrote the actor in his personal account of ‘Twitter’ next to the emoticon of a heart.

The gesture of the player has been very applauded by its followers, has received more than 4 thousand ‘retweets’ and almost 58 thousand ‘likes’.