The trick style of Jennifer Lopez to be comfortable and fashionable

We are sure that you don’t know or what to wear. ‘ve tried everything: combine the incombinable and do everything you need to feel comfortable in house. Are you fed up of the pajamas. And it is not for less, this whole time we have been confined, we have realized that the style left side and the comfort is really the main priority to be at home. In the closet were the running shoes and today we pulled out our flats to have something decent.


If you are one of those that works from home, we are sure that you already do not know how to combine this blouse with your pajamas and vice versa. But, if we told you that there is something better than the pajamas to be at home and that, additionally, you will motivate to do exercise what we believe? Of course! These weeks that we have been home we realized that many famous have chosen to use leggings as a basic garment in the house, and the best proof of this is the singer Jennifer Lopez, who, throughout these months he has shared his style, sport, and today for the good helps us to save our look.


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And that is that leggings, in addition to being super comfortable, they are the garment that does not look unkempt and that goes with most outfits. And proof of this is Jennifer Lopez, who is always ready to dazzle due to its casual style. Although the use of leggings is something that is normal just leave it exclusively to the physical activity, now is the time to take it and enjoy its comfort.
Find yours and pair with a t-shirt stamped or, if you have any board combined with a blouse or dress, confident that no one will notice the difference. In addition, bringing them in house will make you feel that you are wearing anything else than a pyjama and trust us in these moments to feel that it is quite good for our mental stability.


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