The Witcher for Netflix reveals an unusual image of the Season 1


To good insurance that still will take a long time to enjoy Season 2 of The Witcher (Netflix). But, unlike other series/movies that have been halted because of the coronavirus, this popular series follows, letting himself be seen thanks to its showrunner.

And if three weeks ago Lauren S. Hissrich shared a photo from the shooting of next season, has today shared an image totally new with regard to season original. Basically, a picture of the “behind the scene” that was taken at a very special moment. Basically, right after the last scene of the season. You can see below.

In addition, it is a photograph very special because, beyond the context of the episode, it appears the own Lauren S. Hissrich. The showrunner poses next to Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia and next to Freya Allan as Ciri.

In fact, the photo was initially shared by the director Marc Jobst, who directed the end of the first season. And as it indicates the own Hissrich in their commentary on Twitter, the trio is seeing images of what you just recorded to make sure that it worked the way you wanted. That is why it is a image so special.

On the other hand, is not casual the date on which it reaches the image. According to Jobst, the last scene of this season was filmed last may 8, 2019. Therefore, they just turned a year. Remember that time has not been announced any delay with respect to the premiere of Season 2, which is still planned for the coming year 2021.