There could be no more movies of Deadpool, says the creator of the character


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At the end of last year, it was reported that Disney I was already working on Deadpool 3but it seems that the Company of the Mouse could have changed of opinion, since this upcoming and uncertain feature is no longer included within the immediate plans of the company. Rob Liefeld, co-creator of the character and X-Forceadmits that things are not looking very good for the ‘Mercenary Largemouth’ in Disney.

Ryan Reynolds, actor that gives life to this character on the big screen, was very excited about the future of Deadpool with Marvel/Disney. The actor stated that the situation was going very well between both parties, and that the fans should not worry about the third installment film. So what happened with these statements?

In a recent entrevsita with Inverse, Liefeld ensures that you do not feel very confident with the plans that you have Disney for Deadpoolas the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Present, is giving priority to other tapes of this movie universe:

“This is what people don’t want to hear, but thank god I am realistic: I think that there will be no more movies of Deadpool. We have two films great, and we live in a cultural world that is always looking forward trying to sell us the next thing. For me, that longing ends up calming down. People have to stop and realize that Deadpool and Deadpool 2 were released two years apart, and now… I’m Not too excited about the plans for Marvel. This is the first time that I’m on plan, ‘Hey Present, but do you really have a plan? What your plan was to ‘Eternals’ and ‘Shang-Chi’? What that was your plan? And What About ‘Black Widow’?’. Have closed a door. Chris Evans has been fired, Robert Downey Jr. also, Black Widow falls off a cliff and also says goodbye, almost lost to Tom Holland in front of Sony… But they are great Marvel, a few geniuses“

While it is true that Deadpool 3 not figure within the Phase 4 of the MCUwe cannot rule out the idea that this tape is handled by a separate, perhaps because there are still no plans to unite both universes, but the comments of Liefeld to make us think otherwise.


Source: Inverse

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