There is only one singer who can boost the morale of Katy Perry | Music


From that Katy Perry announced her pregnancy in the video clip of his single Never Worn White, has become one of the artists most closely followed by the media. But what has been commissioned she is feeding these digital pages with their own content. Proof of this is the activity that has been presented in social networks, where we have been given to publications that have no waste.

And is that now that we are in confinement, this activity digital Perry has not ceased even for a second. So much so that until it has been connected directly with their followers for adelantarlas the last hour of how carrying a pregnancy to full quarantine. It has also revealed what is your trick to do in front of the days more gray.

According to Perry, the music is your greatest ally when not going through a good time. In particular, it is an artist that changes the course of your day. “When I’m depressed, I put on Bob Marley, because it has a vibe very cool and positive without effort”, ensures. “So I put it at full volume in the house and for some reason that makes me feel better”.

Our protagonist has become aware that we live in a peculiar situation in which many of our plans have been affected. She says that she feels lucky for his situation, but that “still many things are being done”. It is for this reason that the celebration of a baby shower to celebrate your pregnancy has been tambaleada by the virus.

“There are days that, you know, you lose perspective. For example, I was in the shower, and was like ‘I have to be thankful for, I have to be grateful for, no matter what passes, you have to be thankful.’ I know that there are probably a lot of people experiencing many things intense right now,” he said in full direct, which also revealed that eating has become one of her favorite hobbies of the landfill.

Grateful, listening to Bob Marley and waiting for the arrival of his daughter. So you live Katy Perry the quarantine. And you, how are you living?