Thus was inspired the series of The Witcher in order to create some of his creatures


Netflix launched last December, the first season of one of the series most anticipated 2019: The Witcher. The series starring Henry Cavill adapted to the television format novels homonymous of Andrzej Saplowski. In them, follow the track to Geralt of Rivia, a witch hunter of monsters who travels the Continent giving death to creatures of all kinds and being involved in conspiracies for power, wars, and various trouble loving.

One of the main attractions of the season 1 of The Witcher on Netflix has been to see how they recreate the creatures that appear in the novels, despite the fact that there have been many views on the video game of The Witcher CD projekt Red.

Netflix has released a little video about the creation of the bestiary of The Witcher, which will include aspects of the popular folklore that inspired the final form that had the creatures in the series of the platform.

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In the video, among many other things, we can see the Kikimora that appears in the first scene of The Witcher comes influenced by Russian folklore directly. A creature that emerges of those who die in childbirth. We also see how the series is based on the hybrid like the mythological Minotaur Greek to give shape to the Sylvanos you see in the series. And is that Andrzej Saplowski also supported a lot in the folklore of different cultures to inspire their creations in the novels.

What was the creature that most impact the first season of The Witcher? Do you wish to see the season 2 of the series from Netflix?