TikTok does not want to see Lizzo in bikini


TikTok it has taken a drastic measure that has angered Lizzo. The singer has accused the social network that prevails between the adolescents of delete the videos in that appears in bikini and bathedr by their physical appearance, a decision that the young person has been reprimanded with a publication that already spread in his account of the platform.

As pointed out by the artist, “TikTok keeps removing my videos in a bathing suit but allows other videos with other girls dressed in bathing suits. I wonder why. TikTok…we have to talk,” says Lizzo in a clip in which he appears singing the words ‘I know’ (know), that already accumulates more than 8 million of visualizations.

Their fans they have also shown their displeasure with the measure that has taken the social platform. Many have argued that, beyond his music, the interpreter of ’Juice’ has managed to launch a message of empowerment and has claimed with much pride their curves. In fact, in your posts on Instagram it is also common to see the singer posing in a bikini, so many followers have assured that do not understand the decision of TikTok.

In a statement to The Guardian, a representative of the company clarified that the video has not been removed because Lizzo appears in a swimsuit, but because they had been detected behaviors of “sexual gratification”. In particular, they cite a post in which the artist was getting the dress and showing his underwear way suggestive.

The singer Lizzo poses in a swimsuit on the beaches of Brazil

The singer Lizzo poses in a swimsuit on the beaches of Brazil

A claim that has been quickly refuted by the advisers of the young, who have ensured that in this video did not show their panties, but it was a belt reduction drive. Also the representative of the company has made it clear that they “love” the creativity of the u.s., but that they can’t allow this type of content.

In Instagram you can see more of these videos banned by TikTok where Lizzo poses in a swimsuit in the bathroom and dance in front of the mirror of a so sensual. Although many followers have defended, others have questioned what they need to publish these images. “Now I understand why TikTok has removed the videos, because you are undressed dancing so erotic, it has nothing to do with your body”, says a user.

Others also ask you to stop uploading such content. “You can be very comfortable with your body without having to display it all the time” or “put something of ropa, I’m tired of seeing you always as well. Use your talent,” are other comments from these fans. Even one relates these posts Lizzo with the international theme up to date. “You’re worse than the coronavirus” he says.