Ultimatum to Belen Esteban. And it is Telecinco. Miguel Marcos did not expect this

Belén Esteban

May 11, 2020
(14:14 CET)

In Telecinco they know very well that there are certain employees who must take care of once in a while. Names like Bethlehem Stephen, Jorge Javier Vázquez, Kiko Hernández or Mila Ximenez, among others.

All of them have a good part of the blame of the good audiences that it is getting the string from some years ago, therefore, they are co-workers who have, on occasion, a special treatment on the part of Paolo Vasile.

In the case of Bethlehem, now many weeks ago, frightened by the coronavirus, the Paracuellos chose not to go to the film set. Others that have been doing, but Stephen has preferred to stay safe and quiet in your home.

The ultimatum to Belén Esteban

Yes, he has put all of your part to make your stay a home is the most productive for the string. In fact, viewers of Save me have podium see a facet completely unknown Bethlehem: the cook.

Belén Esteban

While it is true that there have been days in which the audience has not accompanied you to the section of Bethlehem cooking from your handle, there are many who see in it a way more efficient to compensate for their absence in the studio.

But of course, as you well know in the chain, it seems that is already beginning to have some nervousness to see that Stephen don’t have any intention of returning to the film set up within a time.

That is why we have already made it known through an ultimatum that this situation, by much that she prefers to do his section from their house, cannot continue for much longer. Bethlehem da moments of glory when it is live in the studio, in the heat of battle, not in his house cooking.

The producer and the chain are devising now the best way to go and, as you well know your husband, Miguel Marcos, your turn involves a new audience. We’ll see how it reacts to the always polemic Bethlehem to this ultimatum by Vasile to return.