We die of love with Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra and messages on their first wedding anniversary | Present


A year ago Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra protagonizaban his best performance to date, their wedding, only that it was not fiction but real. The couple gave the ‘yes I want’ in a traditional ceremony, a hindu, who had not forgotten the origins of the bride.

That allowed us to see a wedding album of the most colorful and exotic, and many, sure that dreamed of to have a ceremony like yours. A year later, the couple is more in love, if you can, at that time and the test are the messages that have been exchanged on your first anniversary.

“A year ago today we said forever… well, forever is not long enough. I love you with all my heart, Priyanka. Happy anniversary”, wrote the singer along with a picture of the moment in which they became husband and wife.

“My promise to you. Then…today…forever”, I wrote it in networks. “You bring Me joy, grace, balance, emotion, passion…all at the same time…thank you for finding me… Happy first wedding anniversary… husband Nick Jonas ❤️?”, he added.

And it seems that the couple is surrounded by love not only of couple but friends and family who have not wanted to miss the opportunity to congratulate you on such a special day. “Thanks to everyone for all the love and good wishes. We feel blessed” she ended up writing the actress.

We know that she already gave a gift in advance to her husbanda small puppy that has already enjoyed Nick and even has opened an account in Instagram.

The rest of the gifts we have no news at the moment, but sure that to be able to celebrate this day is already enough reason for joy for them. In this year we have seen share moments of great complicity.

She has become a fan most of the Jonas Brothers and has been supporting them on their tour with their sisters-in-law who have already formed their own group, The J-Sisters. It is clear that love reigns in the family.