What a horror! Look at how lucy Jennifer Lopez before their aesthetic operations it doesn’t seem it!


Jennifer Lopez is one of the women most coveted of the entire world because of its beauty and talent have managed to conquer thousands of people

But, do you really Know what it looked like Jennifer Lopez before their surgeries? Hundreds of media are debated by the true physical of JLo since many argue that the artist is fully operated, What a horror!

One of the first operations that became the diva of the Bronx, according to their fans was the famous rhinoplasty for in some old photos you can see the singer with a nose much wider, in addition to your nasal septum was visually divided in two in its beginnings did you know?

Another operation that we attribute to the artist is his chin because in the present he wears a face more profiling and delicate. In addition to what was previously stated, many media allege that the diva of the Bronx, she had her bust.

Earlier, Jennifer Lopez sported a chest much more flat and not as firm as the one that currently has, in its 50 years. Currently, one of the transactions that are most highlighted in the diva is the operation of your rear ¡holy God!

Let us remember that the JLo said their pumps by the amount of 5 million euros What a madness! For this reason, all allege that they operated, but either way it doesn’t matter! Jennifer looks beautiful and your talent is the one that has managed to captivate millions of hearts.