Why would “rescue Mission,” it is important for the career of Chris Hemsworth?


Each time Netflix scores a success. A movie or series that stands out from the other at the level of critical and/or box office. “Rescue mission” (“Extraction” in English) is the most recent and gains even more relevance by two aspects: premiering within the wave content of the period of quarantine and is starring Chris Hemsworth, an actor well-positioned in the public eye, but that still has not been able to demonstrate its impact at the box office.

Chris Hemsworth jumped into the public eye in 2011 when she was announced to play Thor in the movie of the same name, became the second Avenger to arrive on the big screen and beating on the way to Liam Hemsworth (his brother), Tom Hiddlestone (who would stay with the character of Loki) and a group of actors that included several figures on the rise as Joel Kinnaman, Alexander Skarsgard, and Charlie Hunnam. It was also mentioned to Daniel Craig, Channing Tatum and Brad Pitt. The latter is interesting as it shares certain characteristics with Hemsworth that have done that on more than one occasion you compare them to. For 2011, Hemsworth, had nearly a decade looking to get hold of a place as an actor. He made his debut in Australia in a series and soap operas like “Home Away” and even the version of that country of “Dancing with the stars”. Your first character in Hollywood would be as George Kirk, father of the protagonist in the reboot film “Star Trek,” a role that would get thanks to Matt Damon refuses.

As Thor, Hemsworth has participated in eight films within the Movie Universe Marvel, three of them being the main character. It is noteworthy, that, while all of their appearances have been successful, it would not be until “Thor: Ragnarok” which despuntaría much more noticeable. “Thor” and “Thor: The Dark World” have made 450, and 644 million respectively (an increase less than that got Captain America, whose first appearance was the lowest collection in the first phase with $ 370 million, but that came to 714 at its second delivery). “Thor: Ragnarok” exceeded the 853 million dollars. In addition, it became the film the best reviewed super hero Norwegian with a 93% on the meta site Rotten Tomatoes (the other deliveries were 77% and 66%, respectively). A key element to this would be the hue that gave it, leaving behind the shakespearean of the first, closer to the drama, the comedy, discovering with this one of the main virtues of Hemsworth.

Outside of the Movie Universe of Marvel, Hemsworth has participated in little more than ten films, alternating between genres: horror (“The cabin of terror”), thriller (“Blackhat”), drama (“Rush”, “In the heart of the sea”), comedy “Vacation,” adventure“Snow White and the huntsman”) and, since then, action “Red Dawn”, “company of heroes”). In terms of criticism the best received have been The “cabin of terror” and “Rush: passion and glory”, the latter a biopic about the rivalry between race car drivers Niki Laura and James Hunt. However, none was a blockbuster, with budgets of around $ 30 million, remained below the 100 mark.

The films that we have offered vehicles to position themselves as a star in blockbuster have been “Snow White and the huntsman” (the most successful so far with almost $ 400 million from a budget of 170, even had a sequel) and “Men in Black International” (an attempt to expand the franchise that sought to take advantage of the chemistry of Hemsworth and Tessa Thomson showed in “Ragnarok” and it resulted in a disappointment to raise a little more than 250 million global on a budget 110, the lowest of the tetralogy). Other vehicles such as “Ghostbusters” also failed (229 million of a budget of 144) or were efforts that relied on more of a cast of an actor in particular: “Star Trek”, “Red Dawn” or “Vacation”. The issue is that, up to the moment, outside of the films of Marvel, Hemsworth has not been able to confirm that your name is enough to attract the public to the meeting.

“Rescue mission” becomes key to your career because it gives you a success outside of Marvel. The film has been seen in more than 90 million households and has already announced a sequel. His character, Tyler Rake, has been compared to John Wick, the character that has triggered as a trilogy and still be exploited both in cinema and television. It is curious that the “rescue Mission” is a film of action with dramatic elements and a few touches of comedy. His work has been especially recognized as an advancement in his career (“an interpretation of electric,” says the consensus at Rotten Tomatoes). His vein of comic you still need to find a better vehicle. The first appearance was in “Vacation” where he has a similar role to him to give him the reputation of Brad Pitt in “Thelma and Louise”.

Speaking of Brad Pitt, has been separated from the image of a heartthrob or sex symbol that had in its beginnings and establish itself as a respected figure in the film industry since that is also a producer and now owner of two Academy awards (Best Actor for “once upon a time… in Hollywood” and as a producer for “12 years a slave”); his career is already 33 years old. Comparisons with Hemsworth have been given by her physical appearance (blond, blue eyes and tanned skin and athletic body), his charisma and personality, and his participation in films of action, in addition to being a vein for comedy. His upcoming projects include “Thor: Love and Thunder” (2021), becoming the first avenger to have four films as the central figure, and a biopic on the wrestler Hulk Hogan (2022). The sequel of “rescue Mission” will be the other. They are good vehicles, but the longevity and life of Hemsworth, outside of Marvel, you will have to show more strength in its commercial impact and critical to ensure a career relevant. Meanwhile, this “rescue mission,” perhaps it is in more than one sense.