Without fear of age! Famous let you see their gray hair this quarantine


Numerous celebrities in the world of the film and the show they have surrendered the opportunity to show off and brag about the gray hairs that have appeared during this season of confinement required. From their social networks have shared photos and videos in which you see them look so proud of their locks color silver.

The weeks of quarantine that have elapsed have brought to light not only hair silver; also orzuela, fringes and dark roots, what it has represented an opportunity for the famous to show that part of the beauty that many times remains hidden.

The isolationboth voluntary and forced, that have been subjected millions of people throughout the world, has resulted in an increased activity of the users in the social networks; a space in which they have ceased to see the way in which they are facing health emergency derived from the pandemic Covid-19.

The famous
surrender to the gray

What rooms and facilities beauty closed have led to the celebrities to grow your hair and roots, and to display some of his hair natural; some even have ventured to made some touch-ups from their homes.

Eva Longoria let see how few times your hair covered natural gray hair; and if this outside little, he made a tutorial on how to cover them easily. The wife of Pepe Bastón sometimes used to a product spray which for lack of a stylist helped to cover their hair maidens.

Another protagonists of Desperate housewives he also devoted a tutorial on Instagram to the gray hair; Teri Hatcher taught to the users of the network how to color your hair from home, with a simple method, and tangible results.

Demi Moore he also joined them; the beautiful actress it has become, along with his family, in a celebrity in Internet. To the side of her former husband Bruce Willis and their daughters Moore, age 57, left the glamour aside for a few moments and displays his version more natural. Without a doubt, the beauty it is innate and users what they have noticed.

Salma Hayek has been one of the famous that already has boasted of his gray hair previously, and could not pass up this opportunity. During the season that takes in isolation due to quarantine has demonstrated that he feels comfortable and proud of their roots, and boasts to his 14 million followers on Instagram.

Writing Digital The Herald Mexico